The collection was inspired by MC Escher's graphics. He created lithographs, wood engravings and woodcuts. Escher dedicated many years to studying properties of the materials and achieving unusual precision in his drawings. His works amaze with thought through geometrical composition and ideas. Escher's works consist of repetitive elements ideally filling up the picture's surface. What important - these are not simple figures, but people, animals and plants. Eye catching rhythm, applied in different ways, is apparent in numerous lithographs - concentration and dispersion, surfaces and elements getting through eachother, and finally, most intriguing and difficult - metamorphosis. In the collection, concentration and dispersion of the elements typical for Escher was used, also black and white typical for lithographical work appear as well as various rhythms. The design utilises two materials only - organza and polyurethane foam, to create a link to black and white Escher's graphics. Organza creates background surface making the geometrical elements float in the foreground.